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Some of you may have been to a Hell House before. This one is going to be different than any other you have experienced. It is going to show the ugliness and painful reality of sin, but at the same time is going to reveal the forgiveness and mercy of God, through Jesus Christ.

Many of the people we are trying to reach are experiencing their own form of hell. Some of the scenes reflect their current life. The threat of going to hell will not change their circumstances. Winning people to Jesus through fear, does not cause long term conversions. What they need is to know there is a way out of the mess they are in. They need to know the consequences of their behavior, but also know there is a way out. They need to experience the Joy of the Lord by being delivered and set free from bondage.

We will be promoting this event as The Reality House, not Hell House.

What Capitol Hill needs is a REALITY HOUSE.

We are sure there will be Haunted Houses that will be used to glorify the demonic and to scare people. There needs to be an alternative. Something that will draw crowds, something that touches the very lives of the people, something that 'hits home', a wake-up call, that in the end gives the Hope of Salvation and Deliverance.

What is Reality House?

Reality House is an outreach event that is structured very much like a typical haunted house that people visit and walk through. Reality House capitalizes on the "Halloween" time of year, when people are thinking about ghoulish and frightening images and attractions. Reality House is much more than a haunted house. It is a spiritually-based adventure that takes people on a 7-scene journey, each scene depicting the Reality and destruction that many (who live in Capitol Hill) experience each day. We will also include a scene reflecting the greed of the recent large corporation fiascos. There is a segment of Capitol Hill that are Seattle Yuppies.

Reality House is an exciting, contemporary, timely vehicle that shares in dramatic fashion the timeless message that Jesus is the Way, the Truth, and the only Life and desires for all to be set free and come to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.

Groups of 20 people will tour Reality House with their own personal demon acting as their tour guide. The 7 scenes each last 2-3 minutes. Scenes may vary from what is listed below.

Scene 1 is a violent father in a Christian home who is physically and verbally abusive to his family.

Scene 2 is a scene where a drunk driver realizes he has just killed a child on a bike.

Scene 3 is a teen-suicide.

Scene 4 is a teenage drug usage scene where everyone will be surprised who is really in control.

Scene 5 is a scene of some rich people shredding documents and laughing at their escapades.

Scene 6 is going to be a very intense scene of hell.

The demon will suddenly be interrupted by an angel who will show the people there is another way.

Scene 7 is a scene of people being loved, prayed for, and lead into the very presence of Jesus Christ.

Before leaving, individuals will be given the opportunity to receive prayer for healing and deliverance, and to meet with a counselor. During the entire event there will be intercessors. There will also be counselors outside the building giving away hot apple cider and visiting with the people.

 It is an unforgettable 25 minutes.

Reality House is cutting edge, it is shocking, it is offensive to some. But it is Truth. Some of the scenes represent the very Reality that some people live every day.

A Different Hell House
Maybe you have gone through a Hell House before. This one will be different.

Normally after all the scenes, the people are sat down and then there is a what we would call a 'weak, boring' presentation of the gospel. The scenes are intense and then the gospel presentation has no power or anointing.

At the Capitol Hill Reality House, the gospel presentation will be very short, but very direct. It will be given with a very hopeful and positive theme, but will make it clear that when they walk out the door, they will have to make a choice to continue in their lifestyle or to be set free. We will be confronting demonic spirits.

We will have gifted prayer warriors and counselors available for those who want to be set free.